Hello to Volume 1.3!

The fun of building volumes by volumes would be to see how the styles and preferences of the layout changed over time. Vol 1.0 - From Oct 2013 to Feb 2016 Vol 1.1 - From Feb 2016 to July 2016 Vol 1.2 - From July 2016 to Jun 2017 Vol 1.3 - From Jun 2017 …

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Circuit breaker day 54

When we started day 1, I wondered how the ride was going to be. Emotionally, there was a fair bit of adjusting. By now that we reached day 54, we were looking a lot more forward to the end. Moving onto phase 1 was still restrictive - read: our part time cleaner wouldn’t be able …

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Circuit breaker day 32, 33 & 34 (Fri to Sun)

After a mid-week public holiday in a stay home setting, the only difference for the kids was they could sleep in, which they didn’t because they wanted to play ringfit. Hence, they got up even earlier than me. While I worked through the day, they spent their free time drawing, writing and surfing through virtual …

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