PS4 Marvel Avenger Lego

We caught up with a friend on a Friday night and the kids got to play a PS4 game about Marvel Superheroes lego. Both kids were so hooked. I mean, the combination of  lego + Avengers + PS4 was really lethal.

The game play was also pretty intuitive for the kids.

After staying up till midnight, our Saturday was a blur. Z had also caught a minor cold, probably from swimming in the rain. We had a task to do on Saturday morning. It ended so late that Z got to skip his speech and drama class. Z was also too sick to attend. In fact, it was the first time he skipped swimming due to illness.

X proceeded to his swimming class but that did not stop him from asking for the game. He bugged us when we shopped at IKEA, when we had dinner and till we were done shopping at Anchor point, he still bugged us. 

It was really like 打不死的蟑螂.

So we went to a far end of Singapore to pick up from a Carousell seller. He sold the 2016 version, brand new at $29. We had wanted to buy a used copy at $19 (of the older version) but could not get the seller.

X was delighted. He was over the moon. 

I could barely tell that he was 4.5 years’ old.

With that, the kids glued themselves to the PS4 for the rest of the weekend, with 1-2 play dates in between.


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