X’s mid-4 progress

At 4 years 6 months and 1.5 weeks’ old, X mastered backstroke. He could really straighten his body, glide with beautiful strokes after only 5 lessons. He was really fast in picking up things.

He was also able to read 70% of the “Little Red Sports Car” book on his own and recognising sight words like “the”.

X appeared to be really competitive and focused, and knew what he wanted. He was in tune with his surroundings, picked up on our daily conversations and benchmarked Z on many things.

His recent tantrums could also stem from his sense of unfairness, at the fact that Z had tennis lessons, new tennis racquet and new tennis shoes. Above all, when he realised that Z had more swimming lessons, he also acted up.

While Z used to play the unfair card on us, he had also learned to be mature and understood that fairness could not be measured in material things. If any, him as the older child already had access to more & new materials stuffs in life.

I felt sufficient guilt trip to want to buy a new racquet for X and to grant him tennis lessons. Mr H felt it was a total waste to get X new racquet when the current hand-me-down 19″ and soon-to-hand-me-down 23″ were in good condition.

Eventually, we managed to reach a compromise. I asked X to trade 10 PS4 credits for a new racquet, to which, he rejected after a long thought. I had also told X that if he wanted proper tennis lessons, he had to quit his tantrums because I did not want to risk him acting prima donna during tennis class time. He seemed receptive, so I shall monitor and see.


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