Growing up – mid 7

On some days, Z was like our golden boy. He was obliging, attentive, sweet and studious. He even liked reading. On most days, I was not sure what we had on our hands. I could see hints of “tweenagehood”.

We had started the year with Z being too arrogant and sliding back on his studies and almost everything in his life. We always had to start from ground zero after a holiday trip. By term 2, he was not attuned yet and was not attentive. It was a little hard getting to him.

When we returned from the June holidays, he was overly emotional and nearly impossible to tune back to the regular routine. There were other things bothering him. We made a difficult decision to withdraw him from a tricky situation, and with more parental involvement, we were talking again and he was focused on most aspects of his life again.

It was a little hard to remember that this kid was only 7.5yo. I thought it felt like dealing with a 17yo.

There were days when he was mature beyond his age, and many more days when he acted beneath his age. He was more like a young man than a small boy these days.


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