X’s swimming journal 

I wrote about Z’s swimming journal till he received his swimsafer gold certificate.

X started formal lessons at 4 years’ 2 months’ old but he had a pretty good foundation from hanging out with Z since he turned 3 years’ 1 month old.

The fact that he had to wait nearly a year before starting on swimming lessons meant that he was very happy, grateful and serious in class.

There were 10 lessons for every learn-to-swim term. For his 1st swim term, he passed his freestyle at the 8th class.

For his second and current swim term, he passed his backstroke at the 5th class. He was only 4 years 6 months and 1.5 weeks’ old. He had outpaced Z by 7 months. This was when life of a second child actually got easier for us.

X was naturally competitive so it was really cute that he looked up to Z and tried to follow his footsteps, which made our job a lot easier.

X would ask to train and practice, even on his own when we used to have to cajole Z.

Little guy’s journal:

May 2017 – Passed freestyle

July 2017 – Passed backstroke 


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