The Gritty X

X could be stubborn to a T. 

He had expectations and standards which he refused to compromise on. Half the time, we found ourselves engaged in unnecessary battles. He could get mad if you put the shower gel on him when he expected to do it himself. In some ways, he seemed pretty OCD.

In other ways, because of how he upheld his standards, he really expected the best from his parents. I almost felt like he was the imposing parent.

When it came to tennis, he wanted us to serve across the net but always served to a fixed position. It was a challenge for us because any deviation could leave to a meltdown. On one hand, we really wanted to support our kids’ interests in the sport but on the other hand, these experiences were brutally tiresome. 

The tennis ball machine was an awesome solution to our dilemma. We definitely agreed that kids should have grit to succeed in future. We should not override or undermine X’s persistence. 

With this handy gadget, it relieved the burden of feeding tennis balls from us. Well, X could have all the grit he wanted because it was grit versus battery life now!


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