An ice hockey experience 

Z’s friend was a member of the local kids’ ice hockey team. As part of ActiveSG, there was an open house on ice hockey and we signed up for the free class. X backed out eventually but Z went ahead gamely, not without complaining about the lack of gloves.

He rotated through a few stations. I found the ice skating rink colder than usual and learned that it was indeed colder than usual because of the gear the ice hockey players had to don. 

Although it was only a 30min session, Z was perspiring at the end and said it was really warm. 

As part of the introduction to ice hockey, we also learned that the national team had to train at odd hours like 1145pm-1am twice a week because the rink was not available during usual hours. That spelled pure dedication.

It was definitely an eye-opening experience for Z. Too bad X missed it all!


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