Parenting tip 101 again

I had read something similar to this a few years ago.

It was so relevant that reading it from a new, re-purposed form still served as a good reminder today.

With Z, we followed the ideal parenting tips to a T. With X, we had less energies to fight his tantrums and gave in to him more that we would like.

For one, we got Z to quit the iPad by 24 months’ old and X was still “going strong” at 54 months’ old. 

Z had a strict bed time and nap time. X? What nap? What bedtime?

On the account of delayed gratification, that was where we still excelled at.

On managing boredom, Z did a great job. X? We were very tardy.

It was true that every child was different. 

But our parenting habits also differed to our benefit, advantage, convenience or laziness. 

Well, posting this up for reminder and hope we continued to manage X so that he would not grow up to be self-entitled and impatient being. 

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