Term 2 – 1st Friday

Well, Z had CCA and he was due to go swim training. There wasn’t much that I planned to do, so I brought him to his favourite cafe and let him order what he wanted from the menu (without altering his order though I knew he could not finish).

I also bought him a new soccer ball which he hankered for, though he had gotten one from malacca. Thankfully, it turned out to be a size 4 ball which was what Mr H wanted.

While he was having training, I also bought a few slabs of steak to fulfill his dinner wish.

When you did not have the time, I guessed money could really buy some levels of happiness.

As for X, he was still sick so there was very little that we could do for him. We also wanted him to rest early and were praying for him to recover for a swim meet the next day.


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