5th Friday of Term 2

I had to dissuade the boys from attending swim training. X had looked most disapprovingly and reminded us that he was taking SSPA in a month’s time. He required all the training there was. Did I mention he’s only 5?

The original plan was to play tennis. That was the only activity which topped swimming on their list.

Unfortunately, it rained. Although it stopped “in time”, Mr H wasn’t too hot about the idea of mopping the court. We brought the boys to Gardens By the Bay. As the rain had just stopped, we managed to go up the Skywalk before the long queue formed. For some odd reason, X was very scared of the heights. It could be due to vibration of the skywalk.

Our intention was to see the Tulipmania exhibition. However, it was already 2 weeks into the exhibition. The flowers had bloomed and some had even wilted. We also had the chance to see “Touched by the Cold” photography exhibition.

We wrapped up the evening with an ice cream treat at the TB’s Creamier. It was more spacious but as few seats as the TPY branch.

Quite proud that we broke the intensive SA revision rut!


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