Day 16 – Colosseum

The day turned out to be:

1. Trevi Fountain at 8am

2. Pantheon at 830am

3. Colosseum at 930am (took bus 85) – our tour was 1015 to 1100

4. Roman Forum 1115am

5. Palatine Hills 1230pm

6. Piazza Venezia 2pm

We stayed in the Spanish Steps area so it was really easy to walk from point to point. We walked to the first 2 attractions to take photos before taking the bus to Colosseum. It was only a 6min’s ride.

I had bought the tickets and booked the tour online a month earlier. We did not have to join the long queue but we had to go in to pick up tickets because the free kids tickets could not be printed from home.

The 45min tour was more engaging for the boys than the previous day’s tour. We walked to attraction 4, 5 and 6 and wrapped up with a very late lunch.

We did some light shopping, tried the Giolitti gelato (which was less awesome than the other top gelatos we tried) and hanged out at the Spanish Steps to people-watch.

This marked the last day of our Italian Summer holiday.


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