Day 17 – Heading home

Although our flight was at 12pm, I arranged for a taxi transfer to the airport at 7am. It cost 60€ for a Maxi cab which I thought was pretty good value.

Prior to that, I even squeezed some time to go Spanish Steps to take pictures. It was always crowded with people to see the full beauty of the steps. Unfortunately, despite reaching at 620am, we could not take any pictures on the steps because there was a movie being filmed!

We went over to Trevi Fountain (3rd day in a row, earliest ever) and there were still a handful of people. We snapped a couple of shots and headed back to hotel for our taxi to airport.

We reached the airport at 740am, way ahead of our flight at 12pm. This was to facilitate the tax refunds.

As it turned out, the custom stamps were done at the tax refund offices and the custom check desk was only for items purchased in other EU countries. The large ticket items could only be processed at the tax refund offices after the security check area. There was another set of tax refund offices and custom desk which performed the same function.

I guessed that was to ensure that travelers really brought the goods out of the country. It was a very crowded airport, so it was queues and queues everywhere.

All I could say was I was so glad to clear immigrations and be greeted by Venchi at the end of the airport mall.

Cute X could recognise this after going there for 3 days!


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