Turning a year older

If this was a math problem sum, it would go something like. I am 4 times older than Z and 4 years’ younger than my husband who is 8 times older than X. What is my age?

At every stage of our lives, we cherished different things. When I was half of this age, I craved financial independence, autonomy and was probably praying for easier tests. A typical weeknight would have seen me studying in the library and trying to make sense of many things. We would have had a good run in the estate, armed ourselves with tons of snacks to study in school; or it could be training till 7pm, wash up and taking the long bus journey home.

At this age, I craved quality time and health. I had been fortunate to be in a position to spend more time with the children while doing what I enjoyed. Health wise, it could be better. Wearing more lines on the face, heavier by a couple more pounds but the heart was full, any fuller and it was going to burst.

Story of my life was birthday dinner at 6pm, then rushing home for the boys to practice tennis at 8pm.

The heart was very full but the body was feeling tired, definitely a hallmark of getting old. Here was to many happy (healthy and safe) returns!


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