Build them up or tear them down

This article resonated on many counts.

The pursuit of success for kids at a young age was mind boggling.

The NMP recounted experiences which I found all too familiar. School did not have the CCA? No problem, the child could train on his own and represent the school if he/she was qualified or met the minimum number of training hours. My fellow parents and I had been given this path. It was the only path, so we lapped it up.

Vested interests when parents had control over CCAs or when parents were onsite for training or competition? Yes, this was purposeful helicopter parenting.

Personal coaches pulling strings for DSA? Yes, caught wind of this practice and all I could think of some poor, talented chaps who did not get the DSA because his/her parents did not hire the right coaches.

If the child was talented and the parents were well-connected, the child would have a smooth, sailing path. If the child had a great passion but armed with average skill sets, it could be a disappointing and harsh reality at a tender age.

Been there, done that.

As I wiped off my child’s tears, the burning feeling of injustice at the stinging rejection was paired with a sense of helplessness. The coach’s cruel words and treatment, compounded with how the kids around responded, created a stigma which destroyed a child’s confidence, innocence and self-love.

We learned. We all learned to deal with dramas like that. We learned how to pull the child up, restore the confidence bit by bit.

This was the system we had, the system which would follow us. We jolly well had to master this beast, else it was going to rip the child to pieces.

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