Circuit breaker day 19 (sat)

When I got up this morning, I made it a point to cheer that it was a Saturday. We could head off for morning runs, instead of evenings. It was warmer but at least we tried to work off the lazybones. 

It felt like yesteryears that Saturday mornings had been about soccer. It had been about soccer training for the boys, rain or shine, since 2016. Actually, for Z, it was since 2014 but with less intensity at that time. So what? It’d 5-6 years since we had a break from soccer. A couple of days ago, X’s coach put together a team video. It really felt like it had been such a long time since we saw any of them. From 3 times a week (2 training and 1 match day) to not seeing each other for the past 1-2 months.

 Once home, X used the bruno plate to cook his sliced chicken sausages while I cooked the eggs. Z made milo and washed grapes for us. He also set the table.

This COVID-19 period had given us the time to train the kids for life skills when they could not hone their sporting skills.

We also ordered kids’ pizza kits from Bella Pizza. We were given instructions and a video link to watch what to do. Together with some neighbours, we had a zoom party to make pizza together, and also hear each other nagging at the kids. Almost like good ol’ days?

The boys continued to finish up their revision before they could play Switch. We even managed to get our hands on bubble tea! As a result, we were too full for dinner. We also took a break to exercise and it amazed me that Z’s skipping had improved so much that he could do 176 skips at 1 go!

Saturday night was all about movies and switch. This definitely distinguished weekends from weekdays!

D-many more days to go!


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