About the Writer

The name “Honey Marquise” is coined because of my affinity with the letter H as it seems to represent everything happy and bore a deeper significance personally.  ‘Marquise’ offers a few meanings which I embrace too.  I am blessed with a sweet, doting husband and 2 cheerful children who never fail to make me smile.

I am a marketing professional by virtue of interest, work experience and education.  I hold a business computing degree from NUS and a MBA, specialized in Marketing & Strategy, from NTU.  Both disciplines have influenced the way I analyze and respond to my children, which tends to be systematic or business-oriented.

I blog as a hobby, on top of other interests such as reading, running, shopping, singing KTV, sussing out good bargains, planning F&E holidays, travelling, creating photobooks & spending time with my family.  Other hobbies such as enjoying wine, cycling and playing racquet games can only be resumed in the near future.

My loves:

Holiday Tracker:

Just us, sans kids & excluding business trips
2004 Nov – Bangkok (Thailand)
2005 May – Mersing, Kelong (Malaysia)
2005 May – Bangkok (Thailand) with family
2005 Jul – Road trip to KL (Malaysia)
2005 Oct – Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou (China) with family
2006 Feb – Tokyo (Japan) with family
2006 Jul – Bangkok (Thailand)
2007 May – Italy, Switzerland, Paris (Europe)
2007 Dec – Hokkaido (Japan) with family
2008 Feb – Yong Pyong, Seoul (Korea) with family
2008 Jul – Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tokyo (Japan)
2008 Dec – Hualian, Taizhong, Tainan, Taipei (Taiwan) with family
2009 Jan – Kyushu, Tokyo (Japan) with family

During Z’s time
2010 Jun – Sendai, Tokyo (Japan)
2010 Dec – Hongkong with friends
2011 Jul – Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Oxford, Bath, London (England) with family
2011 Dec – Seoul (Korea)
2012 Jan – Paris, Brussels (France, Belgium) with family
2012 Feb – Singapore: Staycation at Amara Sanctury Resort’s Larkhill Terrace
2012 Sep – Hongkong
2012 Oct – Bangkok (Thailand)

During Z’s & X’s time
2013 Apr – London, Paris (England, France)
2014 Feb – Bali (Indonesia)
2014 May – Sokcho, Hwaseong, Seoul (Korea) with friends
2014 Sep – Legoland (Malaysia) with friends
2014 Oct – Melbourne, Tasmania (Australia)
2015 Jan – Penang, Cruise (Malaysia) with family
2015 Feb – Bali (Indonesia) with family
2015 May – Kanazawa, Tateyama, Tokyo (Japan) with family
2015 Oct – Singapore: Staycation at Hotel Michael
2015 Dec – Osaka, Hokkaido-Tomamu, Sapporo, Rusutsu, Tokyo (Japan)
2016 Jun – Hongkong, Okinawa (Japan)
2016 Dec – Tokyo, Hokkaido-Tomamu, Sapporo, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu (Japan)
2017 Mar – Melaka (Malaysia)
2017 Jun – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco (USA)
2017 Sep – Bangkok, Thailand
2017 Dec – Hokkaido-Furano, Tomamu, Sapporo (Japan)
2018 Feb – Yuzawa, Tokyo (Japan)
2018 Mar – Melaka (Malaysia)
2018 Jun – Milan, Modena, Cinque Terre, Florence, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Rome (Italy)
2018 Nov – Phuket, Thailand
2018 Dec – Tokyo, Kawagoe, Karuizawa, Nagano, Hakuba (Japan)
2019 Mar –
2019 Jun –
2019 Dec –