K2 PTM for X

In June, we met up with X's teachers and had a debrief on how he fared in school. Both our sons were as different as day. X was very strong academically. He could get his spellings right, write neatly and punctuate correctly too. His penmanship for both languages was good. Reading - off the charts, …

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First week of Jun holidays

Little was planned. No holiday camps or programs, no special plans in mind. Life's blessings were such that Z received an invitation to a play date to Jurong Lake Garden on Monday, which extended to a movie date on Tuesday. He caught the "Secret life of pets 2". Meanwhile, X went for a 2-day tennis …

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The child who needs a friend called Conscientiousness

Last year, my child tested my patience when his handwriting was so bad that he made "umbrella" appear as "ambrella". Despite causing severe hyperventilation when he lost precious marks through his terrible handwriting in the end-of-year examinations, he still made similar mistakes today where "2" looked like "7", "6" looked like "0" and more. I …

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