The friendly rivalry

A fellow mom friend asked me, "Are you inclined to dote on the younger child more? The younger child always looks cuter!" It had always come down to which child was your favourite child. It was akin to asking the child to choose his favourite parent. All I knew was I loved them as much …

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Ownership & costs

Since I started the points' systems, I had been "charging" the kids for things they buy. Recently, we attended a school talk on the introduction of iPad-based lessons from P4 onwards. Long story short, we had to looking at buying a new iPad. A 128GB WiFi version with AppleCare was $686. I told Z that …

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不懂有多久没有写文章了。 为了孩子,一起陪读,一起温习,还要传达写作的心得。虽然当初读了高华,大多数是朦胧不清,还是班上的错别字女皇。如今,学生们都可以用电子词典,好庆辛。 要陪他学好词好句,要教他语言的巧妙,如何带出故事的重点,不需要一段一段顺序的写。 都已经二十年没交稿了,笔法生锈得不堪一提。来日方长,练习和回忆的机会很多。 已不再是风和日丽,而是艳阳高照,风和日晴,夕阳西下,凉风习习。还有什么火冒三丈,三步并作两步,信心十足,一蹦三尺跳,都是现任的必用语。 当家长,当经理,还要当学生。 真要跟紧微信,学-学网红劲爆的新闻。 活到老学到老,回顾以前学的东西,真是要命啊!