Mid-trip thoughts

For some reason, the draw of powder snow had been so seductive that we put up with the extreme cold, the hassle of multi-layers, the tantrums of toddlers and even the fear of heights/falls on the slopes. Or the squeezing into the tight ski boots, stomping around in these footwear not designed for normal walking, …

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Day 4 – 2nd day at the Furano Kitanomine slopes

One of the best things about Furano was how great the green slopes were. They were wide, spacious, long and really empty, and had varying degrees of steepness which should have passed off for intermediate slopes instead of green runs. But the fact that they marked it green would have meant that you took the …

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The Last Jedi

Was an awesome movie in our family's opinion. I recalled how we had caught "The Force Awakens" in 2015 on the same night we were due to fly off for our Japan holidays. This seemed to become quite a family routine (if there was a Star Wars movie!).