Weaning off toys and presents

Both boys are 9 and 5 this year. When I held the first birthday party for Z in 2010, I never thought I would continue to organize more parties down the road. Z was outgrowing parties as X was becoming to enjoy parties. Shortchanging X would have given me guilt trips for life. But facing …

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Five in style

1. Combined Tamiya Race birthday party with Z 2. School party 3. Family dinner at Huat Kee 4. Actual day dinner at Hana & Benjamin Browns How lucky is one to have celebrated his birthday over a few rounds. First with close friends, next with classmates and another two with family. So loved, so blessed. …

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Z’s belated and X’s early birthday celebration party

On New Year's Day, we invited family and close friends to the boys' combined birthday party. Given that we were hosting on home ground and the possibility of rain, we kept it to family, buddies, neighbours and 3-4 close friends each. Given that it was a combined party, the pre-requisite was to know both boys. …

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