Juggling everything

At P3, Z still had many passions to pursue. One thing I felt really proud of this boy, zero enrichment and tuition. We had tried one month of "English Enrichment" which was too elementary for him. Of late, we had even tried one hour of Chinese creative writing which was also too basic in my …

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White School shoes

After buying 2 pairs of school shoes for Z two years' ago, I never bought another pair till now. Both pairs of white Reeboks had cost me $59 for 2 pairs back in 2015. However, the quality was so good that it lasted Z through a year each. Today, it was 2 pairs for $79 …

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Home-based work leading up to End-of-Year Tests

We wrapped up P2 when we completed ALL the assessment books at home. When Z was in P1, he completed 22 assessment books. When he moved on to P2, I focused on the qualitative work instead of quantity rote-learning work. It meant I bought fewer assessment books, let him have more time to read storybooks, …

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