Itinerary & accommodation planning 

One of my favourite activities was to put together a travel itinerary and shop for accommodation. It keeps me up because I want to be very sure of what I am getting. Location, cleanliness, newness and most importantly, the ability to contain 4 of us in the same room. Quadruple rooms are hard to find …

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Day 14 – Market Street, Fisherman Wharf & Aquarium

This was the last day of touring before we fly back to Singapore. We had complimentary breakfast at the hotel due to some feedback about the slippery bath tub and a missing child's sandal.  Since the shops opened at 9am, we went downstairs to shop at Old Navy, Gap and even went over to Nike …

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Day 12 – California Academy of Sciences & others

After a well-rested sleep, we headed for California Academy of Sciences via Muni Bus 5R which was part of the citypass. It was a pretty smooth ride, smoother than driving for sure since we weren't familiar with the roads, i.e the one ways, parking rules and more. We got there at 930am and started with …

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